Sunday, 1 May 2016

The rainbow

The color hypnotises me 
like it is an illusion.

It looks at me like a person 
a very poor person. 

It leans against the table 
like a car crashing into a another car. 

Then I fall to the ground 
like a plane crashing 

The house 
It was colourful 
but small.

I went to touch it 
Then I wake up.
But I still have so many questions

What does it feel like?
How was it made?
And who made it?

I look at it for a second time
And it came to me.


In this poem I am l have been learning to connect my similes and metaphors. My poem is currently multistructural because I have many ideas but they are not connected to the same feeling. My next step is to connect my similes and metaphors.


  1. I really like the ideas but I don't know what's it's about try to connect the story to the reader more

  2. I like how you used structure in your poem and how you said the color hypnotises me like it's is an illusion. from Hayden