Sunday, 1 May 2016

Where does my heart lie?

Where does my heart lie? 

Where toetoe cuts 
its next victim.

Where the ducks happily play 
in the Otakaro.

Where the wind blows like 
someone blowing their nose .

Where kids play tag 
and games.

Where big swans wait 
for the next people to have a picnic.

Where people play on 
the rugby field.

That's where my heart lies: 
At the Otakaro River.


I am learning to use personification in a poem and good news I am doing pretty well because before I did not know what it means but now I do.  And my next step is to connect all my ideas.


  1. Good job using personification is a pretty good way to describe things
    Nice job I really like it

  2. Great job Harry using personification it is a great way to decrilbe things nice I really like it