Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Technology is a Taking Over


This term I wrote a speech on how technology is taking over. I was learning when to change to a new paragraph, when there was a new idea I think my speech, is well organised showing connection and  flow between all important parts of speech structure. In my speech, I have many ideas to connect to my point of view. I can also use several languages device to persuade and connect with the audience and I have many ideas. I  was also learning to write a good hook, for example I started my speech with  “Have you been addicted to something so bad you want to use it all day?”
I think my speech went great, but next time I need to connect to the reader more.
When presenting my speech I felt nervous, because if I mess up people will laugh, but of course, people did not!
Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Have you been addicted to something so bad that you want to use it all day? Like a new app, checking Facebook and your favourite tv programme?  Imagine it's the weekend and the sun is shining and you should be outside playing but you're glued to your phone. Who is doing this? Samsung and Apple. They are taking over the world by getting people to stay inside and sit  on their phones. This needs to stop. people are relying on their devices too much. We don't need all these fancy gadgets.

Why do people buy phones? Maybe it's because this phone is better than this phone. No!! Hold on, just picture this. Okay so you're with your friend, Your best mate and he or she has a phone, so you get one too. Mom's friend got a phone all because my mum
 had a phone. This is because she didn't want to be left out.

Phones are getting more expensive because of new things like better photos and more gigabytes. But why would you need all these new features? There's no reason, Like who cares if you text and in 10 seconds it can be read by the other person. On an old phone you can still text and plus the new phones are more addictive.
A few days ago I watched a thing about video games being addictive and a kid said “I like the online world better than the real world.” He said if he plays 12 hours a day his life is  10/10 if there is no video games for him he said a 3/10
For his life some people can't leave there house without there phone that's kind of crazy.

Maybe we a can fix this by  setting a time on phones when kids are younger  so then they know how long they can play when they get older. I will try and get Apple and Samsung to have a timer in settings so the kids parents can set a time when it goes off. So then the world could be a better place by getting people to get fit and not stay inside looking there phone all day!  I think my speech can connect to people because I'm sure you have been wanting to play on your phone pc tablet Xbox or PlayStation like all day but your mum told you to get off and go outside.


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