Monday, 5 June 2017

Clothing writing

I am beautiful I am always put on for every party and business meeting I was made in Italy with all my other friends.

 But  I wanted to move around and explore the world. Then one day someone put me in wooden crate next thing you know I'm in a store. I thought to myself maybe someone will buy me , I could travel the world but every time someone walked through that door I was put on every time then I was put back down when they saw the price.

But one day a man walked through that door he demanded the best looking item in the store and he pointed at me, he picked me up and said “I love it I'll take it” The shopkeeper said “that would be   10000 Dollars please” He pulled a ruby out of his bag and gave it to the shopkeeper and said keep the change and that's when I knew it was a good life for me.

 His Butler folded  me and put me in a 24 carat gold briefcase and put me in his limo. We drove to his home so I thought, we stopped at this weird place called an airport and we got into something called plane and in 6 hours we were in America.

We got back into the car then to his home and home was beautiful. He put me in his closet and was there until the morning, he went to the mall to get money and then a guy with a pistol entered the bank and told everyone to get on floor. My owner didn't, everyone was yelling “?   get down!” but he did not give in the robber counted to 3 he did nothing. So he got shot the police came 10 minutes later and the criminal was arrested, 10 days later I was underground for the rest of my life.

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