Monday, 26 June 2017

High ropes

High Ropes
At camp we finally got off the bus it was horrible everyone was yelling and screaming. I felt like I was in prison being forced to stay on the horrible bus that I despised. I was looking forward to lying down for a little then this loud storming voice yelled “everyone get over here!” No! I had a nice afternoon planned. They called out the groups. I got lucky I was in my best friends group. I wondered what we were doing first hopefully orienteering or archery. We did none of those we did the worst thing of all high ropes. So we walked there, we were working with this person called Ollie. He said “put on your helmet and fasten your straps” I'm so going to die I thought.

I looked up it seemed as tall as a skyscraper. I got to the top of the ladder and then a saw the rope, the wind was crazy. I started walking, holding on to the rope as tight as I could . Everyone below me looked like ants. I tried to reach the next rope I couldn't reach so I asked to come down. They wouldn't let me they said I had to be farther out or it won't be safe. That's probably not true so I thought  about my opinions. Opinion one: risk the jump. Opinion two: jump to the rope. I chose to jump. I made it! was so happy I yelled “I'm coming down now”.

after High ropes I asked Jacob how he liked high ropes ? He said it was “really fun and scary” he asked me how I liked high ropes. I said “very very scary and I told him how you have to take risks to get to the next stage”.  He said why I said “ because I had to jump to get to the next rope” he said geez I'm lucky I did not do that activity at high ropes. In the inside I really didn't like high ropes and I learnt that going further than you can, can make you proud on the inside and makes you want to do more.


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