Monday, 23 October 2017

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Trip To Town
Our class went to the Art Gallery and we saw lots of cool art. Something I didn't understand was a random pin in the middle of a art frame because it was not very interesting and I could do that in 2 seconds. I liked lots of the things that were hanging off the wall because they were big and detailed for example I liked the bird house because it's real wood and they made a fake tree for the birdhouse to hang off.

After we explored the art museum we went on a  walk around the city. Something that stood out for me was the graffiti even though it wasn't solid or a object I just loved what color or what people painted on the wall and how creative the graffiti is.

We did this thing in our class when we do dance/drama or music we have done 2 drama and music I would like to write about drama. We did drama with Danielle so what we did was go on the field and she would say something like ninja and you would have to act like a ninja. But some people  were not serious so we had to dance in front of HT but I did not really mind.
After that we went inside the class and we had to make a play about a bank robbery but we had to do it in slow motion, fast motion,  backwards or Oprah our group decided to do Oprah. I was the police Jacob was the police Liam was a robber and Jackson was a robber it went kinda good but something we could improve is what we think is Oprah because all we did was say “ahhhhhhhh”.
And that was not Oprah it just sounded like a cat being dragged down the highway.

In our class everyone had to make found art, me and Jacob made a robot called refreshment-bot, he is refreshing because Jacob brought a fake grenade that sprayed water. We got a milo can and cut off the milo wrapper and got a smaller can for the head. We put frocks for the arms and hot glued the grenade to the left arm and borrowed a vivid to draw the eyes then we wrote refreshment-bot on his metal belly.

Our class went outside to take photos but they had to capture the heart of Waimairi and there had to be a interaction it as hard to find the heart of Waimairi School because there is not one heart of Waimairi there are several hearts and I wasn't sure what was the heart. I don't think I got any good photos of the heart of Waimairi School, but I got a photo of an interaction and team work.

In our class we had a choice of music,dance or drama well it was not a choice but I have done music and drama I have already wrote drama so I'm going to write about music. In music we had to make a song but not with real instruments we had to make/find the instruments in our song we used a basketball,a salt shakers, ruler and a can I think our song was good but I think next time I should get rid of the baseball because it made too much noise and you couldn't hear anything else.

Jacob, Cooper and I went to be a fly on the wall in HT and saw what the heart of Waimairi School could be and when we went there they were dancing and maybe a part of the heart Waimairi School is creativeness because there was lots of different dance moves. When I was watching I liked how they were using teamwork to do their dance moves. of the dances. I saw was one based of rugby and one that was based on gymnastics.

In our class we made calender art I did a collage fruit bowl for my calendar art it was hard because the first time I made my fruit bowl it was really bad but then I tried again and again and again until my fruit bowl was perfect and then I had to make the fruit. Another hard bit of making my fruit bowl was cutting the pieces of our  paper and glueing them after I did that I put my fruit bowl in front of a blue paper.

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