Monday, 23 October 2017


My Dad's Farm 
I remember when I went to a farm particularly my dad's farm. I would like to tell you a scary bit of the time I went there. When I got there I thought that we would live in a wooden house that only had two rooms but instead we lived in 3 storey house that was very modern for a farm at least. After we settled in we went for drive around the farm to get to know the place, then on the way back Dad said we “should walk back” I said “thanks but no thanks.” Dad said “ too bad.” I don't think we will last a night. Dad said “the house is over the hill.” When we started walking we saw lots of bushes  and mum said “it's ok let's just jump over them.” “Ok.” First my mum jumped, she made it over. Then I jumped and of course my legs went straight through the bush and this bush was not just any old bush it's a prickle bush. Oww my legs, I leaped out  of the bush, my legs were bleeding down with blood so we went further even though my legs were dripping down with blood. We nearly got to the top of the hill when a wild pig ran out of the bush and fortunately my mum yelled “there's a freaking pig” and then we ran as fast as we could, so fast one of my shoes fell off. The pig was still chasing me. I got up just in time and sprinted down the hill when I thought it was clear I stopped. There was no more pig but I had one problem I didn't know were my mum was! I screamed “mum! She yelled back “yeah  I'm over by the fence,” so I ran over to mum. From where my mum was we could see the house, finally we saw the house after maybe 30 minutes of walking we got back to house and I said to my mum why do you think the pig stopped? Mum said “I think it wanted your shoe.

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